What Scott Eastwood Could Look Like As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman's last performance as Wolverine was in the film "Logan" and now there feels like there is a void in the universe! Who's going to take up the mantle as Wolverine?

Well, Scott Eastwood has publicly showed his interest in it and I think he will be a good choice. There isn't any word on whether or not he'll actually be Wolverine but a fan artist has already created art showing how young Eastwood would look like as Wolverine.

And since Disney bought Fox the X-Men franchise now belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney is going to completely rebrand the X-Men series. And I actually can't wait to see what they do to all our favorite mutants.

If you are a big fan of Scott Eastwood then you should be aware that he stars in Pacific Rim Uprising and that hits theaters this weekend. Are you ready?