Bruce Willis Confirms That Die Hard 6 Is Coming!

The Die Hard franchise is refusing to die as a sixth installment of the action film is now in the works. It has been confirmed by Bruce Willis himself. 

And yes, the news of an upcoming sixth Die Hard is old but we hadn't heard about it in a while which made us think that the project was being abandoned. But Bruce Willis has confirmed to Jimmy Fallon that it is still is in the works, letting everyone know that he was soon flying out to look at the script. 

He said: "I’m about to wing out to California to start to see what the script looks like. So yeah, I think so, yeah."

The storyline isn't finalized yet but word around town is that the movie will both be a "prequel and a sequel", taking us back to the 1970s when John McClane was "a cop in gritty New York City and showing how he became a die hard kind of guy."

McClane will be investigating a case related to his past cop days. The film is entitled "DIE HARD: YEAR ONE"

Are we going to get another actor to play young McClane. Let's wait and see.

Oh, and did you know that this year Die Hard will be celebrating 30 years? Feeling old yet?