"What Part Of Your Wife Is Bigger Than It Should Be?" Husband's Answer Has Internet In Laughter

The questions on Family Feud are usually crazy but ever so often a question arises that is exceptionally crazy. And in a recent episode of Family Feud we got one of those exceptionally crazy questions.

Robert Davis, who will now forever be known as the MAC MAN, was asked in front of his wife: "We asked 100 men, 'what part of your wife is bigger than it should be?'"

There were a million ways Robert could have answered that question but the way he did was absolutely perfect and his wife, along with the audience could easily approve.

His answer was so perfect that it caused Steve Harvey to personally go up to him and give him a big ole fashion HUG!!

Robert Davis is without a doubt, the MAC MAN!! Watch the clip below to find out what the MAC MAN said. And don't forget to share this post with your friends and family on Facebook.