Stop buying tomatoes. Here’s how to grow an endless supply of tomatoes right at home

For some, an overripe Tomato is useless and only good for tossing out. However, the man in the video below discovered a really cool way to put his overripe tomatoes to good use and the results are stunning.

Instead of throwing away the overripe tomatoes the man realized that he could make new tomatoes and he placed them into a pot of soil. And within a week, the man had new tomatoes and you can do the same. All you need is soil, a pot, and 1 overripe tomato. That’s it!

First, slice the tomato into four pieces. Then, place them in a pot of soil. Sprinkle a bit of soil on top. One week later, the tomato will transform into beautiful seedlings. Over time, the seedlings will multiply and pretty soon you will have a number of delicious, fresh tomatoes to eat.

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