Police Noticed Kids Lying In The Field. What They Thought Was A Prank Ended Up Being A Genius Tip

People who think fast in the moment to do something heroic always inspire us. In this astonishing story it was a group of young kids who were able to think outside of the box to help the police catch the bad guys. We are totally impressed by these under aged superstars!

The children were out having an Easter egg hunt in a huge farm field near Surrey, England. The egg hunt was a fundraiser for a young boy with leukemia, so the kids were already doing good. While the kids were playing, they noticed a helicopter overhead. Here’s how one of the girls explained it, according to The Daily Mail, “It was really noisy and we could see it said ‘police’ on the bottom. Then we saw a man running along the side of the field. We could see him but the helicopter couldn’t because it was hovering over the woods.”

The kids tried yelling and waving to the helicopter to point it in the right direction, but quickly realized they couldn’t be heard. Instead of panicking, they used some quick thinking to help direct the police to where the man had run. Two kids told the other kids to lie down and form a human arrow. Genius!

At first, the police in the helicopter thought the kids were just playing around, but it only took them a short while to realize that the kids were sending them a message. They looked over to where the kids were pointing, and were able to locate and capture the suspects. Another child told what happened next, “About five minutes later, the helicopter came back and landed in the field and the officers came to talk to us. They said they thought we were messing around at first, but they followed our arrow and caught the men. We feel really proud of what we did.”

They should feel proud, they caught the bad guys and raised money for childhood leukemia! They were true heroes all around! SHARE the love, pass it on.