Man sets up camera, performs incredible dance moves that have everyone mesmerized

YouTuber JustSomeMotion is a highly talented dancer who has honed and practiced a variety of styles of dance over the years. Because of his ability to perform a wide spectrum of dance styles, JustSomeMotion has combined these various styles in order to create his very own style.

In the video below, he shares his personal style of dance with the entire world. Dancing to an electronic beat that fuses jazz, electron, and breakbeat, this German dancer shows off his moves. He blends traditional and modern styles together in a way unlike anything I have ever seen before.

On his website, JustSomeMotion lists the “Melbourne Shuffle, tectonik, Rebolation, and Charleston” as some of his primary influences, and certain characteristics of these styles are on display in his performance.

Watching this talented dancer perform never gets old. My eyes are mesmerized by his phenomenal moves! I can understand why this video has been watched over 25 million times on YouTube.

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