An Octopus' Surprising Behavior Left Scientist Laughing So Hard He Almost Drowned

Sup Travellers?! Can animals laugh at each other? In Disney and Pixar movies they can but can they in real life? If a fish swimming by sees an Octopus doing some kind of Dave Chappelle act with a coconut would he laugh his fishy a*s off or just swim by? I don't know the answer to this but one lucky human got the privilege of seeing an Octopus fine tuning his comedy skills at the bottom of the ocean.

The octopus’ on-film comedic behavior is not only laughable, it’s also remarkable. In the footage, the eight-legged creature is cruising the ocean floor carrying the halves of a broken coconut beneath his arms.

Julian Finn, the Australian researcher who documented the octopus, was so excited by what he saw he couldn’t stop laughing. He told the BBC that this laughter left him almost drowning. Good he didn’t: it turns out this video is a big one when it comes to science’s understanding of just how rad octopuses are.

While it looks like the sea creature is just hauling coconuts for no good reason, in reality he’s exhibiting what scientists call tool usage. He gathers the coconuts to use later for hiding out when in more exposed areas. This means this little guy’s coconut carrying is actually a sign that he’s very advanced in the animal kingdom. He can not only use tools intentionally, he also has foresight to collect them before he needs them.

The video is the first time ever scientists have caught an octopus using tools. It has helped octopuses join just a few other animals in this rare behavioral category.

But to be honest --- with a head that big there must be some level of intelligence in the mind of an Octopus. I'm just saying. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.