They Think They Are Just Taking An Elevator With A Random Stranger, But Then He Cuts Himself In Half

Sup Travellers?! When you go to a Magic Show, you go expecting to see some crazy sh*t. When the magician blows your mind with some epic tricks and death defying stunts and escapes you applaud and then go tell your friends how amazing the show was. 

However, when you're on an elevator, going about your daily life, seeing an epic trick or a death defying stunt is something that could make you want to piss your pants and you probably won't want to tell your friends about that.

In the video above we meet some kind folks in an elevator just waiting to get to next floor. Nothing strange at all. But then a stranger, who's actually professional magician Andy Gross, cuts himself in half and thing get pretty crazy. See how it all went down. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.