Mom Asks, ”Who Pooped In The Kitchen?” Now Watch The Dog On The Right…

Sup Travellers?! This video above shares many similarities to the two dogs featured in it. It's short and cute.

In the video we see two dogs who found themselves in big trouble --- SOMEONE POOPED IN THE KITCHEN but which one is the culprit? Is it Sunny the Chi-Chi… or Judy the terrier? The only way she’ll crack the case is if she asks them outright, and the result is pure brilliance.

Judy is currently being trained for canine freestyle and also competes in conformation for AKC dog shows. Her intelligence definitely shows; I haven’t been this blown away by a human-like pup since Charlie, the Bulldog who raises his paw and waves to his parents. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.