She Wrote Her Dad a Letter, in the Sand, That He Saw From Space...Awesome

Sup Travellers?! It’s relatively simple to get a message to a loved one especially with the rise of globalization and the internet. All you have to do is mail it or just write a tweet. It's that simple. However, when your loved one is hundreds of miles away outside of the earth's orbit then things get a bit more complicated. 

This is the situation 13 year old Stephanie found herself in but once there's a will THERE'S A WAY!! She used 11 cars around 59 million square feet of desert to spell out a message so big her dad saw it from space!!!

She not only got the message to her dad loud and clear, but she also set a world record for largest tire track image ever!

In the video above you can see her dad taking a picture of Stephanie’s letter. He was able to call and tell her that he saw it. 

This is really awesome. Not everyone will be able to get 11 cars and 59 million square feet of desert so this is kind of impractical for most people but it's always the thought that counts. Too bad there isn't wi-fi in space. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.