She Invites Guys From Tinder Over To Her Place To Have Sex. But Then An Ex Shows Up And Things Get CRAZY!

Sup Travellers?! Social networks and Dating Apps are a great way to meet and hook up with new people but it's all fun and games till an angry Ex bangs on the door. And by then it's way too late to turn back. You can either jump out the window, find a hole and hide yourself forever or face the wrath of a pissed off ex. The options are slim, unlike the ex-boyfriend in the video above.

The video was made by FouseyTube and the purpose of it is to send out a warning about meeting up with strangers from dating apps such as Tinder, and the risks involved.

So next time you hook up with a stranger on Tinder just remember this video. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.