When I Saw This Creature, I Screamed! But What He Does? Oh WOW!

Sup Travellers?! Are all animals equal? Should we show more appreciation to a purebred show dog than a homeless mutt or a stinky rat? Well, that question really depends on the context that it's being asked in. If the homeless mutt or stinky rat is spreading diseases or sneaking into homes and stealing food then maybe it doesn't deserve appreciation especially the rat. But then again, do animals have sufficient rights to hinder people from just killing them? Probably not.

However, there are people out there who take it upon themselves to treat animals as equals and I think we should commend them for the efforts. In the video above, we see an injured porcupine being treated by Jhesebel, a veterinary intern at the Piracicaba Municipal Zoo in Brazil. Instead of disregarding the porcupine she decided to get creative. 

The porcupine had fell from a nightclub roof and suffered a bad spinal injury but for about $5, Jhesebel put together a homemade wheelchair and saved the porcupine’s life. 

Hats off to Jhesebel for showing love to the little guy when no one else did. AND LET ALL THE ANIMAL LOVERS REJOICE!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.