Whale Of A Fail! Guy On His Phone Misses The Sight Of A Lifetime

Sup Travellers?! Sometimes we can be so fixated on the affairs occurring on our smartphones that we miss the everyday wonders of life. and sometimes even the sight of a lifetime.

In the photo we see a guy on a boat looking at his phone while a humpback whale was breaching the surface just feet away. The man did not look up or look away from his phone at any point during the amazing spectacle.

Photographer Eric Smith caught the image and said "The whales were breaching off Redondo (Beach) and this small sailboat maneuvered into the spot where the spout occurred," he wrote in the comments. "I was roughly 50 feet from the whale and her calf when they surfaced next to the sailboat. The guy never looked up from his phone throughout the entire breach. Two women at the front of the boat were taking pictures but he didn't notice."

He told CBS News that a whale and her calf were "flapping, breaching, jumping, mouths eating fish," but the man never budged. He said he has five photos of the man busy with his phone as the whales surface around the boat.

"He could have been texting his mom in the hospital for all I know, but I thought it sucked that he missed such a wonderful moment happening just two feet in front of him," Smith told ABC News.

“We’re all guilty being buried in our phones, even me,” Smith was quoted as saying. “You think life is better on your phone, but we’re missing what’s happening around us.”

Whatever was happening on his phone had to be pretty important for him to miss the wonderful moment. Maybe it was a booty call or maybe he just got the memo that Kendall Jenner released topless photos on LOVE magazine [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.