Watch What Women Really Think of Dudes Sending Dick Pics

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever sent or received an unsolicited dick pic? Women can easily answer that question without shame or remorse but most men won't be too quick on the draw because sending a dick pic isn't the classiest thing a man can do in his life. Just saying. 

Anyway, in a new video from vlogger Davey Wavey, women respond to images of various male genitals (ranging from a penis posed between two bananas to a setup involving a pepperoni pizza), and explain why they don't enjoy receiving pictures they didn't ask for. Based on these reactions, nothing good can come of sending an "intimate image" to a woman you're trying to impress.

"Please stop sending me pictures of your dick," one participant concludes. "Unless I request that from you."

So ladies, what do you think about Dick pics? Do you like them or are you like the girls in the video above and could do without the surprise? I'd love to know in the comments section here or on Facebook. Anyway, my name is Trinikid an you've just been informed.