This Detroit Man Walks 21 Miles Each Day to Get to Work. And the Public Has Chipped in to Give Him a Big Surprise.

Sup Travellers?! James Robertson has been doing something really amazing and the people of the internet have pitched in to give him a big surprise. 

The 56-year-old factory worker told his story to the Free Press, sharing details of his $10.55-per-hour job making plastic parts, how he couldn’t afford to replace his car when it broke down ten years ago and how he daily consumes huge amounts of Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola just to stay awake.

After seeing Robertson’s story, published Sunday, 19-year-old Evan Leedy took action, setting up a crowdfunding page to help get the man a car.

The donation count as of Monday morning: nearly $43,000.

“I just used my phone,” Leedy told the Free Press. “I created the go-funding site and within an hour we had $2,000.”

Leedy told the Free Press that the extra cash was great, since it would help pay for a car and additional expenses such as gas and insurance for Robertson — but Robertson might not even need to pay for a car in the first place.

Rodgers Chevrolet in Woodhaven, Michigan, offered to give Robertson a free 2014 Chevrolet Cruz or Sonic after sales manager Darwin Filey came across his story on Facebook.

“When I saw the story I said ‘wow,’” Filey said. “Some people said you guys have got to do something. Then I called my owner and she read the story and said put something together.”

Roberston will just need to pay the $900 tax on the car — a small fraction of $43,000.

"Where there’s a will there’s a way," Robertson said of his plight — and with a new car, his way is about to get a lot more bearable.

These are the kind of stories that restore your faith in humanity and it feels good to even know that people still have big hearts. Hats off to to Leedy and everyone who pitched in to help Rodgers. Anyway, my name is Triikid and you've just been informed.