This Company Will Pay You $13,000 To Poop In Their Toilet

Sup Travellers?! Shit sells like crazy in the world today. I've bought some real shit in my life and found myself really disappointed but I learnt a very valuable lesson: not all shit are created equal. There are some that can actually be used for good.

The company, OpenBiome, is willing to pay as much as $250 for a week's worth of donations of healthy stool samples, or $13,000 a year, according to The Washington Post. However, donors must undergo vigorous questioning and stool testing to make the cut.

What's so valuable about poop, you ask? Good question. OpenBiome uses human poop to create a medical treatment for people suffering from an intestinal infection. After joining their registry, the company will ask you to complete a questionnaire similar to the one required for blood and semen donations.

If they like your answers, you can come to the lab and poop for them. If your poop's cool they'll ask for some of your blood and then decide whether you get to keep pooping for money.

Sounds simple enough right. I would gladly give up my poop for medical purposes. I mean --- it's not as though I need my poop for anything. I flush that shit down the toilet all the time. 

The lab is located in Medford, Mass. so if you're ever in that area why not pay OpenBiome a visit. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and yu've just been informed.