They Put Cameras In A Hospital. What They Saw? I’m Speechless!

Sup Travellers?! There are a few of you out there who I'm sure aren't too convinced about the power of prayer and whatnot but no matter what you're opinion about God is you can't deny that what happened in the video above is a miracle.

A 14-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after he spent 15 minutes submerged in an icy lake. When paramedics rescued John Smith, they tried their very best to resuscitate  him but after 20 minutes, he still had no pulse.

But what happened next is a true miracle.

His mother refused to give up and began praying loudly, asking God to save her son.

“I don’t remember what all I said,” recalls John’s mother, Joyce Smith. “But I remember, ‘Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.’ ”

That’s when, all of a sudden, John’s heart restarted!

“He was dead for 45 minutes,” said Dr. Garrett, who treated the teen boy. “It’s a bona fide miracle.”

Doctors were worried about the teen’s brain function, but he’s recovering and appears to be OK. 

Maybe it was prayer maybe it was luck but whatever the case may be this is definitely an incredible story. Anyway, my name is Trinikid an you've just been informed.