These Guys Thought They Were Going On A Blind Date...What Happened Next Is Pretty Entertaining

Sup Travellers?! The video above went viral a couple weeks ago with over 10 million hits. I only saw it today and I just had to share with you. It's not a deep, emotional video with the potential to change your view on life and the way you live but a hysterical one with the potential to have you on the floor in a state of uncontrollable laughter.

The video was directed by The Work and in it a group of aspiring actors are led to believe that they're auditioning for a new dating show. They meet a beautiful blonde woman named Prestin Persson at a restaurant for a blind date that ostensibly will serve as a “chemistry check.”

The date seems to be going well and, after a bit, they make it to the “let’s get out of here” phase. Persson offers to drive. But things seem to be going a bit too fast for the guy ----- LITERALLY.

As it turns out the beautiful blonde is a professional stunt car driver and it is actually the 2015 Ford Mustang’s “Speed Dating Prank.”

See how it all went down in the video above. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.