The Moment Madonna Falls Backwards Off The Stage At The Brit Awards.

Sup Travellers?! Madonna is a great performer, no doubt, but every great performer has their downfalls and Madonna is no exception. But Madonna's downfall was a bit more literal than we would have expected because during her most recent performance of "Living For Love" at the Brit Awards on Wednesday she FELL DOWN!!! 

Madonna failed to untie her cape in time for her dancers to rip it away as she took to the stage at London's 02 Arena. The 56-year-old got up with all her limbs intact but she was clearly in a state of shock for a brief moment. She eventually pulled herself together and CARRIED ON.

I'm proud of Madonna and the way she handled her little slip up. I mean --- running off stage and cryng like a baby would have just made the situation even more embarrasing so kudos to her on picking herself up and singing on. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.