Take A Close Look At This Bed, When You See What's Happening You'll Be Stunned

Sup Travellers?! Everyone talks about pimping out there rie but why not go the extra distance and pimp out your rest? I mean --- the bed is probably the most important piece of equipment in your home especially after a long and strenuous day. Who wouldn't want to return home to a be laced with LED lights and rims ---- LOL.

One particular guy whose name I just don't know set out on a mission to turn his average-looking boring bed into a work of art that he could brag about to all his friends. He built a fully customized bed with LED lights. Not only that, but he built it so that at a glance, the thing looks like it's levitating.

He began by constructing a basic bed frame.

He then tested his method of installation for the 24-foot LED rope light, which would ultimately give the outer edge of the bed a cool glow.


The next step was to complete the construction of the frame (you can still see the glow of the LEDs underneath).


Here's the completed bed frame, complete with a headboard.

For added character, he stained the planks that would remain exposed.

Here's a test run of the bed frame. Looks pretty awesome.

And here's the finished product.

This is definitely the coolest bed I've ever seen.