Mother Giraffe Performs Miracle In Front Of Lucky Bystanders…

Sup Travellers?! The simple miracles of life are all around us and the only way you can really experience it is by actually taking the time to. Makes sense right? 

Something as simple as giving birth is a miracle we often overlook but thanks to technology we can experience the miracle over and over again even after we overlook it.

In the video above we see the birth of a baby reticulated giraffe at Memphis Zoo. While the mother was standing in the giraffe house, she gave birth to a female calf, while plenty of spectators watched in pure amazement.

Much to zookeeper Richard Meek’s surprise, the baby began to walk and nurse just minutes after she was born. “Giraffes usually stand within an hour of being born,” Meek said to “This one stood and started nursing very quickly, so we were very pleased.”

The cheers from the crowd make this moment truly special; they know exactly how blessed they are to have witnessed this incredible birth!

This video went viral amassing 6 million views and it's evident why. It's rare to witness the miracle of birth from a creature such as the giraffe. The video doesn't show the entire process but it's still worth the time. Check it out if you haven't already. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.