Look Very Closely At This 200-Year-Old Mummy Because People Believe He May Still Be Alive

Sup Travellers?! I'm sure we've all heard about how epic monks are. They the masters of meditation and chastity. It is even believed that they have the power to transcend life and leave their own body, venturing out into different worlds.

The idea may seem very alien to some but for Buddhists it is a very real and serious thing. One monk in particular dedicated his life to meditation and is even believed to still be in a meditative state even after 200 years of mummification.  

“[The mummy] is sitting in the lotus positionvajra, the left hand is opened, and the right hand symbolizes of the preaching Sutra," Ganhugiyn Purevbata, a professor at the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art at Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, told the Siberian Times. "This is a sign that the Lama is not dead,” he continued, “but is in a very deep meditation according to the ancient tradition of Buddhist lamas.”

Even the Dalai Lama's personal physician Dr. Barry Kerzin agreed, saying the mummy is in a rare state of meditation called "tukdam" that can enable a person to eventually become a Buddha.

If a person remains in this kind of deep meditative state their body will enter into a kind of "luminous wakefulness," according to Tibetan Buddhist Lama Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

"At that moment, the experience of luminous wakefulness is very strong and one simply remains in its composure naturally, meaning that high lamas or someone with deep experience and realization will naturally dissolve into or expand into this state of samadhi," said Thrangu Rinpoche in an interview with Rangjung Yeshe Publications. "When the ground luminosity dawns by itself, they recognize it, and then remain in equanimity - that is what is called 'remaining in tukdam.'"

I don't usually leave personal comments on stories like these because of the religious nature of them so I think I'll just end it right here. I gave you the information but it's your call if you want to believe it or not. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.