Every Night, This Doctor Dresses Like A Homeless Man. The Reason? AMAZING!

Sup Travellers?! The media does a really good job shining the light on shitty people but the good people are usually just left in the dark. People like Dr. Jim Withers who spends his nighttime hours doing one of the most extraordinary selfless acts I have ever witnessed.

After forging a great friendship with a formerly homeless man named Mike Sallows, Withers learned that Sallows took to the streets many nights to offer food and blankets to the homeless. Withers wanted to get involved and that indeed he did.

In order to interact with the homeless and make them feel comfortable towards treatment, Withers and Sallows dress for the street, wearing old clothes and carrying bags of splints, inhalers, and basic meds. Five nights a week, the two men make silent miracles happen all throughout the streets of Pittsburgh. Withers has estimated that his nightly deeds have helped around 1,200 homeless folks a year — since 1992! 

With all the exposure that shitty and crazy people get you may think that people like Dr. Jim Withers and Mike Sallows don't exist but they do. There are people out there who still value selflessness and abnegation. Hats off to them all. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.