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This Photo Was Banned By Instagram — Thanks to Society's Sexist Double Standards

Sup Travellers?! A woman can wear the skimpiest bikini ever and not get stigmatized once two specific body parts are covered up: the nipples and the vagina. But does pubic hair count in the whole scheme of things? Well apparently Instagram seems to think so because they deleted a not-so-revealing photo of two women in swimsuits all because there was some pubic hair showing. The full picture is below. Viewer discretion is advised --- SUPPOSEDLY.

Feminists from all corners of the earth aren't letting this little blemish in social standards go unpunished. The argument being brought up is that a male equivalent would never have been censored. 

A man can show his overflowing pubic hair on social media and not have his photo or account deleted --- yes --- but a man can also show his nipples and not have his photo or account deleted either. That's just how society works so was Instagram wrong for deleting the photo? Well, that's an argument that you'll never hear the end of. 

Australian styling agency and online magazine Sticks and Stones is the company that uploaded the video and the co-founder Ainsley Hutchence describes the photo of two sisters in swimsuits as one of the most natural she has ever posted but that "all naturalness" got her account with over 100,000 followers deleted.

"Unfortunately, Instagram has ruled out natural hair that appears on all bodies of women that don't trim their bikini lines," she tells Mic. "This hair occasionally does spill out of the sides of swimwear as it does on men in their underwear. But Instagram seem to be OK with man pubes."

"Clearly this is absolutely sexist. Instagram believes that women should wax or get off their platform," 

She tells C-Heads that the cause for the deletion may also have been a nipple showing in the shadow of a bikini top, but she says she has "heard about many other accounts being deleted for the bush." At Styleite, 

Hannah Ongley accuses Instagram of "trying to determine what female bodies should look like," saying censorship of natural images results in the female body being viewed as inherently sexual because of images that are "edited, homogenized, and sold back to us with a big side of sex." She notes that with a Justin Bieber ad made specifically for Instagram, pubic hair was actually Photoshopped in.

So, the big question is: should woman be obligated to wax their pubic hair before wearing a bikini? Some people may compare that question to: should humans brush their teeth or should we take showers but is female pubic hair really all that unbecoming of a woman? I would love to know what you think in the comments section below or on Facebook. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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