This Art Looks Like A Jumbled Mess...Until You Put A Mirror Next To It

Sup Travellers?! Hungary-based artist István Orosz has a talent for drawing jumbled messes. Some look pretty good but some just look chaotic --- at first glance anyway.

But there are secret images hidden within the madness that can only be revealed with a special cylindrical mirror. Abstract images suddenly become stunning scenery...or something else entirely.

Orosz graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Budapest in 1975. After graduation Orosz became involved with theater as a stage designer. According to Impossible World: István often uses “Outis” or “Utisz” (No one) as a pseudonym. The Homeric hero Odysseus, who fought the Cyclops, used this name as well (he put out the monster’s eye). Orosz imagines that his art is akin to an Odysseus gesture: some kind of attack upon the eye.