These Are The Only 5 People Alive Who Were Born In The 1800s

Sup Travellers?! The 1800s were a glorious time. I have never lived in the 1800s but there is enough record of that time to know just how the folks back then boogied. 

However, the 1800s is all but over now with most of the people born in that time already dead and gone but the 1800s are still holding on even in 2015 and these 5 people are a testament to that.

Amazingly enough, they are all women.Women that seemed to have found the secret to long life because even after turning 100, they just kept going and going. Cheers for longevity!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

116 years old (World's Oldest Living Person) - Misao Okawa (b. March 5, 1898), Japanese

116 years old - Gertrude Weaver (b. July 4, 1898), American

115 years old - Jeralean Talley (b. May 23, 1899), American

115 years old - Susannah Mushatt-Jones (b, July 6 1899), American

115 years old - Emma Morano-Martinuzzi (b. November 29, 1899), Italian