Steve Harvey Loses It On 'Family Feud' Over The 'Best Answer' He's Ever Heard

Sup Travellers?! What do white folks and the Pillsbury Doughboy have in common? Well if you ask one particular Family Feud contestant he'd give you the answer straight and simple --- they are both white.

The initial question was "name something the Pillsbury Doughboy and your man have in common," and when Steve Harvey heard the answer the man gave he couldn't stop laughing and lost in TV throwing his cards on the floor. 

That answer in particular was obviously not on the board but Steve insisted that it was the best answer that he ever heard and to be honest, it probably was.

The man's answer was technically correct but I think the survey went for something more along the lines of ticklish and cute. So --- what does the Pillsbury Doughboy and your man have in common? Hmmmm. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.