One Of The Most Beautiful, Accurate And True Cartoons Ever! A Masterpiece!

Sup Travellers?! The Middle East is very beautiful. With places like Dubai, Egypt and Jerusalem how can you NOT want to visit there in your lifetime.

But there are some places that give the Middle East a bad name. I'm not going to state where those places are but I'm sure you have an idea. 

The video above delves into the roots of the Middle East and shows us the real reason why there is so much violence in the region? This animation by Nina Paley is one of the most beautiful, accurate and true cartoons I ever seen! A masterpiece!

The animation makes it clear why there can be no clear “winners” over this land. Time to end the bloodshed and seek peace through compromise and cooperation. Check it out. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.