9 Stunning Photos That Shatter Society's Stereotypes About the 'Perfect' Body

Sup Travellers?! Gabi Gregg is on a mission. A mission to prove that society's stereotypes are a load of HORSE SH*T! Her philosophy is that every body is a good body and even though I don't agree with that 100% I think she's on the right track.

Believe it or not, too much fat is bad for your health and too little fat is also bad for your health. Whether you're fat or skinny the idea is to maintain your body at a healthy size.

Anyway, back to Gabi Gregg and her mission:

Gabi Gregg is a swimsuit designer for big women. Even though magazines like Sports Illustrated give the spotlight to mostly skinny ladies Gabi believes that bigger women are just as magazine-worthy.

"No one deserves to feel shame over the way they look," Gregg said, "so those of us who believe in this philosophy are unlearning the ways our society teaches us to hate ourselves. In terms of fashion, it's about wearing what you love and what makes you feel good, regardless of what we're told is 'right' for our bodies."

The collection was inspired, she told Mic, by both a hybrid of street style and haute couture on the runway. "If I see something on Tumblr or in the streets of New York, I'll keep it in mind and think about how I can incorporate some of the cool details or elements into the swimwear." 

Gregg said she was particularly taken by the trends of oversized zippers and banana leaf prints, which she incorporated into her bikinis. These contemporary elements make the collection, which has a very retro-1950s aesthetic, feel unique.

You can find out more about Gabi Gregg and her line of swimsuits on her blog: GabiFresh. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.