Everybody Dies...But No One Else Will Die Like These 13 People Did.

Sup Travellers?! At some point in time we will all die. We are powerless to that fact but we do have some power when it comes to the way in which we die. You can get a heart attack, fall of a building or get shot but it is very unlikely that you would die the way in which the people below did. Very UNLIKELY!!!

1.) 455 BC: Athenian author Aeschylus was killed when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head.

2.) 1327: King Edward II of England was supposedly murdered by having a horn push open his anus and a red hot iron was inserted, burning out all of his insides but leaving no mark on the body.

3.) 1567: Hans Steininger, burgomaster of Braunau broke his neck and died by tripping on his 4.5 ft long beard.

4.) 1771: Adolf Frederick, king of Sweden had one insanely big meal and ate himself to death.

5.) 1871: An Ohio lawyer named Clement Vallandigham accidentally shot himself trying to show how the victim of the man he was defending could have shot himself instead of being murdered. The defendant was found innocent, but Vallandigham died from the wound.

6.) 1923: George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon died after cutting open a mosquito bite shaving. The wound got infected and he caught pneumonia.

7.) 1958: Actor Gareth Jones died in between scenes in a TV play. In the play, his character dies of a heart attack, as did Jones.

8.) 1979: A factory worker at the Ford Motor Company, Robert Williams, became the first person killed by a robot. One of the arms of the factory machines hit him in the head.


9.) 1993: A Toronto lawyer fell from the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Centre, throwing himself at a window in order to prove to visitors how unbreakable it was. The window never broke but popped out of place.

10.) 2007: Jennifer Strange died of bladder failure after trying to win a Nintendo Wii from a radio promotional contest, "Hold Your Wee For A Wii".

11.) 2009: Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell was killed by coyotes. Strangely this is the only recorded case of dying from this particular species.

12.) 2012: Edward Archibold died of choking after winning a cockroach eating contest.

13.) 2014: Twenty-one year old Oscar Otero Aguilar died by accidentally shooting himself in the head trying to take selfie while holding a loaded gun.