This House Doesn't Look Like Much From The Outside, But Just Wait Till You See The Inside.

Photos Below:

Sup Travellers?! The video above is a bit lengthy but it is in no way short of AMAZINGNESS. It shows what Andrew and Gabriella Morrison did in order to escape the trap of mortgage payments; they built a tiny house (called "hOMe") together. Then, they even set up the website Build A Tiny House to help others do the same.

The house only cost the couple $22,000 ($33,000 if you include the appliances). and it's incredibly stylish with plenty of seating area for guest. Their 14 year-old daughter, Terra, even has a small cabin to herself [last photo] but often spends time in the main house with her parents.

The only thing missing is some wheels to make the house portable --- OH WAIT!!! It does have wheels. I guess Andrew and Gabriella are now set for life with $0 debt. Hats off to them. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.