This Family's Water Kept Going Missing... So They Set Up A Camera. You Gotta See What It Caught!

Sup Travellers?! This blog post isn't very informative but I think that it'll make you smile and probably laugh a little.

It's a story about a Colorado family who got suspicious after they found that water in a barrel they kept in their backyard started mysteriously going missing. They weren't using it and there’s no way that much water was evaporating in only a day’s time.

So the family decided to leave a camera outside and record the barrel to see what was causing the water to disappear. Below is what they found:

Nothing yet.

Oh, here comes a bear to check things out. It must be curious about where all of the water has been going too.

What?! That bear's been drinking it all?

Wait--the bear hasn't been drinking the water.

It's been bathing in it!

Hey, be careful! You're going to waste all of the water splashing around like that!

Aww! Okay, go ahead.