The Unbelievable Moment An Isolated Boy Has His First Conversation Ever

Sup Travellers?! As humans, we are prone to disabilities but out of all the disabilities I think that being deaf can be classified as one of the worst. Being deaf is probably not a particularly painful disability but the fact that you are unable to hear sounds, music and the voice of other people makes being deaf a lot to bare.

I have a certain type of respect for deaf people especially those who are able to live normal lives despite of their disability. But there are deaf people out there who are unable to live normal lives; those who have never learned sign language. Those like 15-year-old Patrick Otema who was born profoundly deaf in a remote rural area of Uganda.

There are no schools for deaf children anywhere near his village and due to his location, Patrick never had a conversation with another human being in his entire life.

That was until sign language teacher, Raymond Okkelo, came to town. Raymond hoped to completely change Patrick’s life by offering him and other deaf people in the area a way out of the fearful silence they knew for their entire lives.

While watching the video my heart melted when I saw him smile [yeah I'm sentimental like that]. His smile made the entire video worth watching and definitely worth sharing. You got to check it out if you haven't already. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.