Man With Rare Condition Flies All The Way To Australia To Meet A 2-Year-Old With The Same Syndrome.

Sup Travellers?! Meet 30-year-old UK native Jono Lancaster. He lives with Treacher Collins syndrome which is a condition which affects the development of bones and tissues in the face and affects 1 in 50,000 people. 

But despite his condition he was still able to live a relatively normal life. He got a partner and a job to support them both.

Last week, Lancaster made a point to visit a boy whose journey with Treacher Collins was just beginning: 2-year-old Zackary Walton. He wanted to encourage him and tell him that he can still live a normal life.

“I would have loved to have met somebody like myself when I was younger ... somebody who had got a job, got a partner and said to me ‘these are the things you can do, you can achieve’,” Lancaster told Adelaide Now.

On November 17, Lancaster and Zackary met for the first time and Lancaster uploaded an image to his Facebook account with the caption: "Today and over the next couple of days I get to hang out with this little dude and his amazing family in beautiful Adelaide."

Hats off to Lancaster. I'm sure he can be a great inspiration and mentor to the young lad. 

In this day and age I think everyone needs a mentor, especially one who they can relate to. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.