Man ‘Treats Daughter’s Rapist To Dinner, Burns Genitals With Tongs And Tortures Him To Death’

Sup Travellers?! If you had the opportunity to sit and have dinner with the man who raped a beloved member of your family what would be the first thing you'd do? Firstly, a rapist would be very stupid to even show his face to the family of the rape victim but I don't think that murder should be involved. Even though it'll be some sort of justice the consequences of murder are much more serious than that of rape.

However, it seemed like no one told that to the man who invited his daughter's rapist to dinner tied him to a chair, scorched his genitals with hot tongs and strangled him to death.

According to reports from the Metro UK, the 36-year-old father then went on to turn himself in at the local police station and tell the authorities of his gruesome crimes. The father is now in police custody.

Apparently, the father had been planning the torture and murder for two months, ever since his 14-year-old daughter was raped.

He claims he did not go to the police after hearing of the sexual abuse as he feared members of his community would blame his young daughter for the incident.

A police spokesperson said: "Based on his statement, we sent a team to the spot and recovered the body. It has been sent for a post-mortem examination and his family has been informed. A case of murder has been registered and the 36-year-old man was arrested."

I'm all for giving that rapist a good beating but murdering him just took it to another level. The 14-year-old girl now doesn't only have to deal with the trauma associated with being raped but also the trauma associated with not having her father around. He should have definitely thought everything through a bit more before inviting his daughter's rapist to dinner. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.