In A French Kiss, You Swap More Than Spit

Sup Travellers?! I'm sure that most of you already know the pleasures of getting to first base but when you kiss someone you are doing way than just showing your affection for that person.

According to reports from Microbiome, 10 seconds of passion can result in the transfer of up to 80 million bacteria [but wait, there's more!!] Dutch researchers examined 21 couples who outlined their kissing behavior via a questionnaire; the participants were then swabbed and analyzed, and the researchers found that couples who reported sharing no less than nine intimate kisses daily (meaning there was both full tongue contact and saliva exchange) had a "shared salivary microbiota." 

This means that the bacteria on the tongues of couples was much more similar than the oral bacteria of two strangers. "Apparently, being with somebody for an extended amount of time and having a relationship leads to a similar collection of bacteria on the tongue," Study author Remco Kort.

In order to find out just how similar the shared bacteria were, one person in the couple was instructed to sip a probiotic yogurt drink, wait a bit and kiss their partner a second time. The probiotic bacteria, which aren't usually found in the mouth, indeed transferred: along with about 80 million other bacteria. Through questionnaires, the team found that the more often a couple kisses, the more bacteria they seem to share.

"There are a number of studies that show if the diversity in bacteria increases—more different types of species—this is a good thing," Kort says. Kissing might also act as a form of immunization, he adds, allowing you to build up resistance from exposing yourself to more microorganisms. "If you look at it from this point of view, kissing is very healthy." (Of course, he admits, the health boons kind of depend on who you’re kissing, and what types of oral microbial colonies they have.)

So what can we take from this study? 

1. Kissing is a major bacteria conduit

and 2. Because of the amount of bacteria transferred, kissing strengthens your immune system.

Therefore, kissing strenghtens your immune system but don't go around kissing homeless people. Aleast not yet. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed