13-Year-Old Boy, Faces Life In Prison For Allegedly Murdering His 2-Year-Old Half-Brother.

Sup Travellers?! How does a 13-year-old boy get life in prison? How does a judge go about sentencing a 13-year-old to life in prison? Well, when that 13-year-old beat his 2-year-old half brother to death then rape his 5-year-old half brother, it's not difficult a very decision with all things considered.

According to CBS News, 13-year- old Christian Fernandez is accused of murder and sexual abuse. He's been charged as an adult and is the youngest inmate awaiting trial in Duval County. If convicted of first-degree murder, Fernandez could face a life sentence.

But some may argue that Fernandez was a victim of circumstance. His entire life was filled with tragic events. When he was just two-years-old he was found naked and dirty, wandering a South Florida street. The grandmother taking care of him was held up with cocaine in a motel room, while his 14-year-old mother was nowhere to be found.

His very conception resulted in a sexual assault conviction against his father, and Fernandez' life got worse from there. He was sexually assaulted by a cousin and beaten by his stepfather, who committed suicide before police investigating the beating arrived.

Even though there a lot of people who been through even worse situations and managed to get through it I guess Fernandez fell victim to his circumstance. I'm not defending him by any means, murder and rape are very wrong but I'm just saying......

"What would be a fair disposition? I don't suspect this case is going to end anytime soon," said Richard Kuritz, a former Jacksonville prosecutor who is now a defense attorney who has been following the case closely.

Some believe local State Attorney Angela Corey made a mistake by deciding to try Fernandez as an adult.

"He should be rehabilitated and have a second chance at life," said Carol Torres, 51. Her grandson attended school with Fernandez and she has created a Facebook page to support him.

Fernandez' judge - and jury, if the case gets that far - will have to decide whether to consider the boy's past when determining his future.

Fernandez' father raped his mother, who was 12, which resulted in his birth in 1999. The 25-year-old father was arrested. Baby Fernandez and his 14-year-old mother were then sent to foster care after his grandmother found doing drugs. There was then a report that Fernandez was raped by an older cousin. 

In 2010, while Fernandez and his mom were living in Miami, his mom's new husband punched him in his face then killed himself. The family moved north to Jacksonville and Fernandez enrolled in middle school, getting straight A's. However, just a couple months later on March 14, 2011 Fernandez beat his 2-year-old half brother to death then raped his 5-year-old half brother.

As you can see Fernandez' past was filled with heartache, rape, drug abuse and suicide and he's only 13. ONLY 13!!!! Should the courts show Fernandez mercy or should he be arrested for life? You tell me. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.