This Video Shows 'Ebola Victim' Waking Up In Body Bag.

Sup Travellers?! A couple days ago I wrote about two Ebola victims who reportedly rose from the dead. There was no evidence of the resurrection but a new video released by ABC News proves that it could have been possible.

The footage shows ABC correspondent Dr. Richard Besser observing health workers handling the bodies of Ebola victims. The health workers found an Ebola victim lying on the streets and proceeded to put him in a body bag but then, his hands move. 

"He's not dead!" Besser exclaims, to the cheers of a crowd of Liberians.

Residents told Besser they had spent days unsuccessfully seeking help for the man as he lay suffering on the road. The burial team, however, arrived within an hour of the victim's reported death. "They only come when you die," one community leader told the news crew.

The Ebola virus is spreading out of control now but mainly only in West Africa. The virus can possibly spread all throughout the world but the likelihood of that happening is very low because Ebola isn't very difficult to contain. There have been Ebola outbreaks in the past already and it was managed successfully.

However, if Ebola ever changes the way it is transmitted then we are going to have a bigger problem on our hands. For now, the virus only spreads through direct contact with fluids from an infected person so with the right set of precautions it can be contained. The only reason that the virus is spreading so quickly in West Africa is because of poor handling of the victims and slow diagnosis.

Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.