Teen Obsessed With "Dexter" TV Series Dismembers His Girlfriend.

Sup Travellers?! I have watched a lot of violent and gruesome television shows in my life but not once have I killed someone.

You see, I'm smart but I have learned time and time again that not all humans have the capacity to use their brains to logically conclude that ----- MURDER IS BAD!!!!

TV shows like Dexter "heroizes" serial killing and one 16-year-old boy from Oxted, Surrey by the name of Steven Miles idolized the main character and decided that he wanted to be just like him so he dismembered his girlfriend, Elizabeth Thomas.

Miles plead guilty on September 9th according to the Mirror UK and now faces at least 25 years in prison. Allegedly, Miles, who had been diagnosed with autism, had an alter ego named “Ed” who told him to kill. Aided by tools from his father’s tree surgery business, he stabbed Thomas in the head and back. He then went on to remove her legs and arm, wrapping them in plastic wrap before placing them in trash bags.

Lewis Power, Miles’ defense attorney said:

“This was a truly gruesome killing ripped from the pages of a hit TV script. The evidence points to the defendant trying to emulate the actions of the character Dexter, who he idolized. The case is a sad testament to the perils of how young people can become entrenched in modern TV blockbusters involving violence which shockingly led to a copycat killing in real life.”

Judge Critchlow also stated in court:

“You decided, at the age of 16, you had to kill somebody. You chose Elizabeth Thomas, who tragically befriended you and who had stood up for you when people described you as different. It’s chilling to read that you described her on occasion as your project.”

We can all sit here and point fingers at the media for setting bad examples for young people but there are millions of "Dexter" fans out there and more than 90% of them are not crazy murderers facing 25 years in prison for dismembering a human being. The media definitely had a part to play in his decision but my conclusion is final --- Miles is just a shitty person. RIP Elizabeth Thomas. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.