For 8 Years This Woman Has Been Trying To Get Pregnant But She Never Expected This

Sup Travellers?! Ashley and Tyson Gardner from Utah have been trying to get pregnant for 8 whole years but with no luck. They tried everything, even in-vitro fertilization which involves a series of injections, blood draws and ultrasounds.

Luckily enough, the fertilization was successful. But the true surprise was just ahead.

During her first ultrasound, Ashley and Tyson heard the the shocking truth. Both eggs that were implanted in Ashley's uterus have split, meaning... the couple is having quadruplets. 

The reaction by Ashley after hearing the news is priceless and even went viral online with over 800,000 views in less than a week.

Check out the video above to see her reaction to the news. To learn more about the Gardner family check out their Facebook page. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.