3-Year-Old Ebola Survivor Proposes To Nurse.

Sup Travellers?! Amidst all the bad news coming out of the Ebola situation in West Africa there is a light.

That light is in the nurses risking their lives out there to care for folks suffering from the deadly disease. The light is also in the people out there who have fought Ebola and lived to tell the tale. People like 3-year-old Ibrahim from Sierra Leone and his two older brothers, ages 5 and 8. All three of them survived the disease but their mother wasn't as fortunate. She died seven days after they got to the hospital.

According to NPR. Isata Kallon, a nurse at Kenema Hospital in eastern Sierra Leone cared for the boys along with dozens of other patients in the makeshift Ebola ward — a large white tent near a sloping hill outside the hospital. Each time she entered the unit, she would find Ibrahim in a different place.

"I [mostly found] him lying on the beds of other patients," she said. She wasn't sure if he was lonely or confused, but she had trouble keeping him in his own bed. "So every time, I had to take him, give him a bath and dress him up and put him back [on his own mattress]," she said.

Two weeks after the boys' mother died they were declared Ebola-free and were discharged from the Ebola ward. They were temporarily moved to another building within the hospital, where a group of roughly 30 Ebola survivors are living as they wait to go home.

The boys' father, who did not contract the disease, lives in a town called Port Loko, 170 miles away. He was not able to pick them up at the hospital because public transportation across the country has been shut down or severely limited due to the Ebola outbreak.

While at the hospital Ibrahim decided to show his gratitude to Kallon by proposing to her.

"He said he wants me to be his wife," Kallon says, laughing. "I accepted."

Now, Kallon says young Ibrahim waves to her whenever he sees her. "When I'm passing, he calls to me and he goes like this," she says, blowing a kiss into the air.

Ibrahim, in particular, is a ray of light, Kallon says. "I'm going to miss his presence, because he's my husband now."

I think Ibrahim's expression of gratitude to the nurse who saved his life is a bit extreme, especially for a 3-year-old but at least his heart is there. I hope that he stays well. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.