This Video Shows What It's Like To Be An Unarmed Black Man In America.

Sup Travellers?! Don't you hate when you're just sitting outside your OWN house, enjoying an ice cream THAT YOU DID NOT STEAL and a police officer points a gun in your face accusing you of committing a crime? I mean --- that's the worse, isn't it? [LOL]

We can safely laugh at the video above but it does have some serious aspects to it. It shows a black man being heckled by an officer for doing basically nothing. The officer goes all commando rogue on the black man and even becomes a stormtrooper.

The video comes in the midst of a nationwide conversation about the "criminalization of the black body," a phenomenon in which the act of walking while black -- or, as is the case in this clip, sitting on your porch eating ice cream while black -- is met with violence and bullets. It's as absurd of a reality as it is a damning one.

The video was uploaded by "Funny Or Die" on August 27th 2014. You should definitely check it out. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.