There's a Giant 'Super Henge' Underneath Stonehenge.

Sup Travellers?! The Stonehenge has been around for a very long time but we have been so busy marveling over what's on the surface that we didn't even bother look below.

According to new reports from the University Of Birmingham, radar mapping as far as 2 miles beneath the surface has uncovered an elaborate subterranean network of 17 monuments, plus evidence of more than 50 big stones that are around the same age as the above-ground versions.

The discovery was made by researchers with the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, which has been using geophysical info to "create a highly detailed archaeological map of the 'invisible' landscape."

The stones, which are being called a "super henge," are part of the already-excavated Durrington Walls dirt bank and are "a big prehistoric monument which we never knew anything about," one of the project's archaeologists tells Nature.

This new discovery just adds more confusion to the already existing confusion of the Stonehenge. It's already a mystery how the Stone Hedge was built on the surface now we have to figure out how they managed to build the subterranean network.

Right now I just want to meet all the people who built the Stonehenge and give them all a high five but we all know how impossible that is. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.