The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Descends 113 Feet Below The Surface

Sup Travellers?! Owning a 113 feet deep pool was never on my "things to acquire" list and after watching the video above --- well --- my mind hasn't changed. That pool is just too damn deep for its own good. What is it? A swimming pool for giants?!

If you're into all that depth then you can take a dive into the 113 feet deep pool by visiting Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium.  

The pool is so deep, it’s actually dark at the bottom! It’s temperature is regulated so swimmers don’t have to wear wet suits and there are even several underwater caves where divers can explore beyond the main “pit.”

I'm not sure why they called in Nemo 33 though. They should have called it Trinikid 33 because I'm lost [LOL NOT FUNNY!!!] Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.