Is This Britain's Smartest Schoolboy? 11-Year-Old Boy With Higher IQ Than Einstein.

Sup Travellers?! 11-year-old Ramarni Wilfred has joined the ranks of some of the smartest people in the world like Einstein and Stephen Hawking after scoring 162 in an IQ test. 

According to the Mirror UK, Ramarni Wilfred started showing signs of being a genius as a toddler, when his favorite book was an encyclopedia.

He could read and write by the time he started reception at school and last year, at the age of 10 and , wrote a philosophy paper on fairness that earned him a 2:1 and a mock Oxford graduation. He even earned a place in Mensa.

Prof. Hawking, Microsoft founder Gates and Einstein all have 160 IQs which means Ramarni scored higher than all of them.

When his reception class wanted to move him up a year, his mum Anthea objected, wanting him to grow up with other kids his age. 

Anthea, 37, said: “He’s still just a little boy doing normal childhood stuff. While he reads the New Scientist and the Sky at Night, he still plays with his dog, watches the Disney Channel and reads comics. Mensa allows him to talk and be with other people as clever as he is for the things that go over my head. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I love his humility and I love having my own personal walking, talking dictionary/thesaurus/calculator!”

Ramarni, who will be starting Year 8 at secondary school next month, harbors hopes of one day studying at Oxford and becoming an astrophysicist.

It's always good to see a brother doing big things. I really hope that he accomplishes his dream of being an astropsychic astrophysicist because how awesome would that be. I also hope that on his journey he can do some more awesome stuff like solve world hunger or cure cancer. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.