Gym Teacher At A New York Catholic School Had Affairs With Her Male Students For Years.

Sup Travellers?! Things got pretty weird at a Staten Island Catholic school when the staff got accused of turning a blind eye to affairs female members of staff were having with teenage students. This apparently had been going on for a while and a host of people knew about it including the school's athletic director.

According to reports from the New York Post, one of the suspects is  25-year-old gym teacher, Megan Mahoney who is alleged to have been caught in a months-long affair with a 16-year-old member of the basketball team.

Athletic director, Richard Postiglione, is accused of failing to report any suspicions of sexual misconduct at the school after first being told in 2006 that affairs between students and teachers were carrying on.

Mahoney, 25, who was also the assistant athletic director at the 450-student school in the Bulls Head section, would pick the 16-year-old boy up and take him to secluded spots to have sex, the boy said.

“We would just drive around and [do it] in the car,” he said.

He said the two never talked about the illegal or inappropriate nature of their relationship. “That never came up,” he said.

“We were never boyfriend-girlfriend,” he said. “It was cool. I knew it wasn't going anywhere. I told my best friend and like three kids.”

However, Postiglione confronted Mahoney and asked her to end it and the confrontation led to bad treatment of the boy at school by Mahoney. Reports say that Mahoney had affairs with multiple  students.

The NYPD started the investigations after the illicit lovers were spotted having dinner together at a pizzeria. A 911 call was made by the teen’s jealous ex-girlfriend, who had been following the pair, the boy said, and cops showed up.

Keep in mind that these all just speculations. The boy along with other sources at the school claims that he was in an affair with Mahoney while Mahoney denies everything. Further investigations are being conducted. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.