Did Jay Z Reveal Beyonce Is Pregnant Again?

Sup Travellers?! It looks like Beyonce is preparing for Baby Number 2 --- well --- according to her husband Jay Z. 

During a show in Paris the rapper took to the stage and clearly changed the lyrics  to his "Beach Is Better" song so that instead of "I replace it with another one," he rapped "'cause she pregnant with another one."

Even TMZ, however, is calling it an "alleged" lyric change and noting that it's difficult to hear exactly what the rapper says in the video. 

Late last month, a source told OK! that Beyonce might be pregnant: "For the last month, Jay has been fiercely protective of her, just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy." The speculation comes shortly after the couple was rumored to be headed for a split.

Jay Z usually raps about things in his life so I think if he says that Beyonce is pregnant with another one then I think she's actually pregnant with another. But I guess only time will tell. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.