Mother Who Suffered Stroke Completes Her Degree By Blinking.

Sup Travellers?! One 42-year-old woman from Rugeley, Staffordshire just recently completed the daunting task of acquiring a degree but the way in which she accomplished it was even more daunting than the degree itself.

According to reports from Telegraph UK, Dawn Faizey Webster who developed locked-in syndrome after suffering a stroke at the age of 30 has overcome her disability to complete a university degree by blinking --- yes BLINKING.

Locked-in-syndrome is a condition where a patient is fully-aware and awake but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all muscles in the body, except for the eyes. 

Since she is unable to use any other part of her body except for her eyes the former teacher decided to use her eyes to acquire a degree 

She got herself a specialised laptop that translates her eye movements into text and with it she achieved a 2:2 degree in Ancient History and written an autobiography.

In 2008, Ms Faizey Webster started her degree program through Open University, a program that allows for part-time, distance study. She knew that it would take years longer than usual to complete her degree: her “typing” speed with her custom laptop is approximately fifty words per hour, making an exam that would ordinarily take three hours require three weeks of work, three hours per day. 

Six years after starting the program, Ms Faizey Webster has not only completed her degree with honors but she’s now preparing to move on to a Masters in History of Art.

Ms Faizey Webster said: “When I passed my degree, I was so pleased and proud of myself.I had achieved my goal that I had for six years been striving for.No matter what obstacles were in my way, such as getting pneumonia twice and other lesser illnesses, I was determined to reach my goal. When I first had my stroke, I realized I would not be able to do anything physical. I then decided to use the thing that had not been affected and that was my brain. I felt I needed to prove to myself and to others that I was still me, Dawn."

She added: “[My computer] is my lifeline. Never did I imagine when I got pregnant with Alexander that my life would turn out like this.”

Her problems began when she was rushed to hospital at 26 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with potentially fatal pre-eclampsia - a pregnancy condition associated with high blood pressure.

Over the next six days her health deteriorated, until her tiny baby had to be delivered by emergency caesarean weighing just 1lb 8oz.

A week later Ms Faizey Webster returned home - still suffering high blood pressure - but was told she would be fine. However, she suffered a stroke after being released from the hospital. Her health declined by the day until she was diagnosed with lock-in-syndrome.

Ms Faizey Webster and her son Alexander now live with her parents, and with their help she still tries to live as busy a life as possible. “We took her and Alexander to Warwick Castle the other day, there wasn't access for her into the Great Hall so when we came back she contacted the castle to say there should be better access for people in wheelchairs. She is very proactive about things like that,” says her father, Alec. 

As for Ms Faizey Webster, she is justifiably proud of her accomplishment: “When I passed my degree, I was so pleased and proud of myself,” she says. “No matter what obstacles were in my way... I was determined to reach my goal.”

This story is clear cut proof that you should never have an excuse to accomplish something. Ms Faizey Webster only had control of her eyes but she didn't let that stop her from accomplishing a great thing. She blinked all the way to the end of her degree. Ms Faizey Webster should definitely be an inspiration to us all. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.