Indian Girl Cuts Off Uncle’s Penis After He Tried To Rape Her For A Second Time

Sup Travellers?! An Indian teenage girl thought to be either 17 or 18 chopped off her uncle's penis after he tried to rape her for the second time and I'm not sure if I should clap or feel bad for her. Her action was brave and a huge kick in the nuts for rapists all around the world but the man who tried to rape her was her very own flesh and blood; someone I assume she trusted. 

The first time she got raped her uncle, Mahendra Mehta, was asked by her mother to cure her after she became sick. Mehta believed that his niece was possessed by a demon so he  gagged and raped her in his house to rid her of the spirits.

According to The Independent, she did not tell anyone about the rape but the second time that the girl was sent to her uncle's house she was prepared with a cell phone and a knife. She recorded a conversation prior to the attempted rape, sliced off his penis and managed to escape. She then filed a police complaint, and the suspect is still at large. Without a penis.

Mehta was a trusted member of the family

But despite the fact that she must have had a hard time internalizing the whole thing I think it's only fair that I commend her for standing up for herself. I mean --- if every girl stood up for herself like the unnamed girl in this story did then we would have a lot more rapists in the world without penises. I don't condone violence but I think a woman should have the right to defend herself when being raped. 

The only person who should be punished is Mehta, that scumbag. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.