Doctors Remove Skeleton Of Baby Left Inside Woman For 38 Years.

Sup Travellers?! People in India set all kind of records but one of the most bizarre of them all was set by Jyoti Kumar, from Central India who has reportedly had the world's longest ectopic pregnancy, after a baby skeleton was removed from her abdomen after 38 years. 

The whole incident began when Kumar was 24 and pregnant. Her doctors told her that her baby was growing outside her womb and that there was little chance of the baby's survival. Kumar was supposed to have surgery to remove the baby but she was scared to do it and fled the hospital.

She went to a small hospital and got treatment to cure her abdominal pain caused by the ectopic pregnancy. Once the pain subsided, Kumar assumed there was no further reason to worry. But 36 years later, the now 60-year-old started to experience constant pain in her stomach.

Metro UK and IB Times report that she visited doctors at the NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, in the central Indian city of Nagpur.

Doctors felt a lump on her lower right side and a sonography and CT scan discovered a mass made of hard, calcified matter.

Dr Murtaza Akhtar, head of surgery at the hospital, said: "She was complaining of consistent pain in her abdomen and she had urinary problems with high fever.  Then we found a lump on her right side but we feared it was cancer.After she went for an MRI and CT scan we could make out that it was actually a matured skeleton encapsulated in a calcified sac. When we asked her for her medical history she told us that she was pregnant in 1978 but her child had died. She told us she had got scared and went home to her village without ever removing the fetus.  She only took some treatment from her local a health center. It could be the world’s longest ectopic pregnancy."

I don't think surgery is in anyway as scary as having a dead baby in your belly for 38 years. She should have just gotten the surgery back when she was 24 but I'm speaking as someone who didn't have to experience what she went through. So who am I to judge? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.